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Sally Wyatt

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Kim Jautze

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Ashkan Ashkpour & Albert Meroño-Peñuela

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Ridho Reinanda

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Merel Noorman

The Riddle of Literary Quality   arrow
Kim Jautze

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Annual Lecture – 12 December 2013   arrow
Timothy Tangherlini

Big Data and Big ideas?    arrow
Jacqueline Hicks

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Digging in the coal mines    arrow
Corina Koolen

Complexity in the Digital Humanities   arrow
Vincent Traag

Big Data, Linked Data   arrow
Richard Smiraglia

A Banquet for Wandering Ghosts   arrow
Folgert Karsdorp

CEDAR meets the 1st International Workshop   arrow
Albert Meroño-Peñuela

The CMMR conference in Marseille   arrow
Berit Janssen

World Social Science Forum   arrow
Sally Wyatt, Merel Noorman, Christophe Guéret and Victor de Boer

Digging into Data Conference   arrow
Sally Wyatt

Horizons for Social Sciences and Humanities   arrow
Sally Wyatt

The International AAAI Conference   arrow
Rilana Gravel

3 open source Gephi plugins   arrow
Clement Levallois

COST Actions logic and logistics   arrow
Andrea Scharnhorst

Dynamics on complex networks   arrow
Marcel Ausloos

Illness Online   arrow
S Wyatt, A Harris, S Adams and S Kelly

What a difference a colon makes   arrow
M. van Wesel, S. Wyatt and J. ten Haaf 

Reviewing the past, planning for the future   arrow
Popa Diana Mariana

Physics of complex systems   arrow
Marcel Ausloos