Welcome to new eMagazine of the eHumanities Group. We’ve adopted a new format to enable us to share with you more images, more text, and just generally more, about what everyone associated with the eHg is doing in this rapidly expanding and changing field. The old format simply couldn’t accommodate the richness and diversity of material produced by all the interesting researchers associated with the Group.
For the first time, we also have a ‘featured article’ – something a bit more substantive, giving someone space to develop some ideas and demonstrate some new tools. In this edition, Kim Jautze applies what she learned at the summer school in Leipzig about new tools in stylometrics. She convinced her eHg colleagues to provide some text, and used that as a corpus to find out which member of the group has a writing style closest to my own. Read the article to find the answer!

Elsewhere in the eMagazine, you can find accounts of conferences members of the group have organized, made presentations at, or simply attended in order to develop their knowledge and skills. You’ll also find details of recent publications, of forthcoming activities. You can also read the entertaining accounts of two visitors to the eHg, Diana Popa from Romania, and Marcel Ausloos from Belgium, and what they made of their stay in Amsterdam.
We look forward to seeing many of you at our annual Christmas lecture on 12 December, featuring a prominent international scholar. This year we are very pleased to welcome Timothy Tangherlini from UCLA, who will be giving a lecture called ‘Tracking trolls: New challenges from the folklore macroscope’. More details in this eMagazine, and on our website.
We’re still experimenting with the new format, so let us know what you think. Continue to check our website for updates of what happens between now and the next edition.
Sally Wyatt, Programme Leader, eHumanities Group, KNAW