News from the RECODE

The eHumanties group is one of the partners in the Policy RECommendations for Open Access to Research Data in Europe (RECODE) project. This European FP 7 project will address drivers and barriers in developing open access to research data in Europe and produce policy recommendations based on existing good practice. The project has been running since February of this year. On September 4th 2013 one of the project partners, the University of Sheffield, organized the first RECODE workshop on “Stakeholder values and Ecosystems” in Sheffield. The workshop brought together a diverse group of participants from various disciplinary backgrounds. The aim of the workshop was to present the findings of the research conducted in the first RECODE work package and to solicit the participants’ feedback on the effectiveness of existing open access policies in their research practices. The workshop validated the presented findings and the participants provide useful comments and insights that will serve as valuable input for the subsequent work packages in this project.
For more information on this last and future workshops look on the website under RECODE-workshops.

The eHumanities groups is project leader of the fourth work package, which looks at institutional evaluation and support for open access to research data. More specifically, we will examine how institutions, such as libraries, archives, universities and research councils, can support open access and how they can evaluate data quality and integrity. We officially started this work package in September of this year. The work package will run until July 2014 and will result in a report, which will offer a set of policy recommendations based on an analysis of institutional barriers and good practices.


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