Digging into Data Conference

Montreal, 12 October 2013

Sally Wyatt was invited to give one of the keynote lectures at the Digging into Data Conference. The conference preceded the World Social Science Forum [see elsewhere in the newsletter] and was attended by about 100 people, including all of the recipients of Digging into Data awards. Digging into Data is a joint initiative by research councils in the Netherlands, US, Canada and the UK, and it funds many interesting projects that all explore novel ways of using large, multimodal data sets in the humanities and social sciences. Each of the projects successful in round two presented their preliminary results. Sally’s own lecture was called ‘Digging as working: invisible labour and big data collaborations’ in which she focused on the challenges of interdisciplinary collaboration, and the challenges of open research data, drawing on the ongoing RECODE project. This certainly resonated with the experiences of many of the projects.  More details about the conference can be found here.