Reviewing the past, planning for the future

For the people who spend their lives according to the academic calendar, autumn is the time for New Year resolutions. In my home country the New Academic Year is officially celebrated on the 1st of October. Around this moment academic scholars take the time to embrace thoughts about the past and thoughts about the future. Thinking about the past year, scholars make a review of their achievements: how many articles they published, what conferences they attended, how many bricks they set at the foundation of new collaborations. Planning for the future, they think about what research grants to submit, what ideas to transform into new publications, what new courses to develop.

For me, the event of the past academic year was my visit to the eHumanities. As it came at the end of my academic year, it felt like a reward that I was given for my previous endeavours. I discovered the eHumanities group from the KNAW through the EINS project but as I latter found out, the range of research projects developed at the eHumanities is much broader. I also had the opportunity to visit the Data Archiving and Networked Services institute in The Hague.
Under the form of a reflexive interpretation exercise I transcribed the experiences of my four weeks at the eHumanities in an article entitled ‘Forms of trust inside the scholarly networks of the 21st century’. The discussions with Sally Wyatt, Andrea Scharnhorst, Marion Wittenberg and Christophe Guéret were the building blocks of this project. This article was the result of mobility and talks about mobility in terms of building affective trust relations. During my stay I had access to the library of the Meertens Institute and the library of the eHumanities group, where I had the feeling of being a child in a (boutique) candy shop.

My thoughts about the past academic year include the regret of not being able to spend more time at the eHumanities in Amsterdam. My New Academic Year plans include dreams for a second visit at the eHumanities together with the publishing of several articles based on the materials gathered during my stay in Amsterdam and on the ideas that came to life in the building found on Joan Muyskenweg. I wish you all a happy and fruitful New Academic Year!