New Places & Spaces Website

We started Places & Spaces in 2005 as a means to inspire cross-disciplinary discussion of how to best track and communicate human activity and scientific progress on a global scale. Ten years and 100 maps later, we’re just as committed to the mission as ever, reaching audiences all over the world with both physical and digital exhibits.
As part of this continuing mission, we’ve redesigned our website to better serve our audience. Among many changes, you’ll notice that we’ve made it easier to explore the exhibit maps, added links to interviews with a few of the mapmakers, provided detailed information for potential exhibit hosts, and included a simple form visitors can use to purchase exhibit map prints.
The website redesign coincides with the exciting exhibit opening today at the University of Miami, which hosts all 100 exhibit maps together for the first time. The exhibit is split between the Stanley and Jewell Glasgow Hall in the Perez Architecture Center and the Otto G. Richter Library. Other temporary displays and events will be held all over campus, including at the Cox Science Building and the Lowe Art Museum.


As excited as we are to have finished 10 iterations, we’re even more excited about the future of Places & Spaces. In Phase 2, we will invite and showcase interactive visualizations, so-called Macroscope tools, as our exhibit team and international Advisory Board endeavors to spread data visualization literacy and empower people of all backgrounds to use data more effectively for a variety of purposes.
We hope you’ll enjoy the new website, and please share the link with your friends as we aspire to bring the beauty and power of data visualization to as many people as possible.
See the new website here »