Domain Analysis for Knowledge Organization

Tools for Ontology Extraction, 1st Edition

Domain analysis is the process of studying the actions, knowledge production, knowledge dissemination, and knowledge-base of a community of commonality, such as an academic discipline or a professional community. The products of domain analysis range from controlled vocabularies and other knowledge organization systems, to scientific evidence about the growth and sharing of knowledge and the evolution of communities of discourse and practice.In the field of knowledge organization- both the science and the practice­ domain analysis is the basic research method for identifying the concepts that will be critical building blocks for knowledge organization systems. This book will survey the theoretical rationale for domain analysis, present tutorials in the specific methods of domain analysis, especially with regard to tools for visualizing knowledge domains.

Key Features
• Focuses on the science and practice of organizing knowledge
• Includes step-by-step instructions to enable the book to be used as a textbook or a manual for researchers


Ontology for Knowledge Organization

Ontology for KO is the second anthology produced by the UWM KOrg “Knowledge Organization Research Group.” Our first book, Cultural Frames of Knowledge, focused on epistemology. The other cornerstone of KO is ontology. Together these two anthologies present state of the art essays on the pillars (ok, mixing metaphors there–cornerstones/pillars ….) of the science of knowledge organization. Like our first book, this collection contains essays from our group members as well as from visiting scholars who have spent time with us at KOrg. Ergon-Verlag, 2015.