Making sense of education indicators

A workshop on education supported by KNOWeSCAPE

This workshop will take place on November 18th and November 19th 2015 in Amsterdam, venue still to be revealed. It will be followed by a session at the festival Bee-Collective on November 20th to crowd source more feedback on evaluating progress made by young learners.
Education is one of the most important aspects of society; the objective of which, learning, is a continuous lifelong process. Gaining insight into what is being learnt and how it is being learnt is essential for students, teachers, parents and government stakeholders alike. These three days will bring together key actors from research and practice to examine how we can better facilitate collaboration at the intersection education, data and visualization.


The following key questions will be discussed:
• What data do we need to assess learning?
• Does self-regulated learning (constructivism, Montessori, Dalton, MOOCs) produce a different type of data than “traditional” teaching methods (instructivist, teacher-centered)?
• Can we get comparable data out of different education software and practices?
• How can the collected data be anonymized to protect learner privacy?
• How can data be collected when connectivity is an issue ?
• How can visualisation be used to inform decision makers? How we make these data and visualizations available to the learner ?
• Can visualization be used as a way to make the information more accessible than tables of data?


Specific attention will be given to young learners (around 6-12 years old) being educated in challenging contexts (rural and remote areas, crisis/conflict-affected and fragile environments). Attention will also be given to self-regulated learning in technology enhanced learning environments.
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