Future plans for supporting digital humanities

On 30 November 2015, about 60 people from around the country, came together to discuss the possibilities for launching a national platform to support digital humanities. This will be called CHAT-NL, the Dutch Centre for Humanities and Technology. Despite the name, there will also be room for social sciences using digital methods and techniques. CHAT-NL builds on previous collaborations between the KNAW and the universities, via the eHumanities Group of the KNAW; and between the KNAW, UvA, VU and IBM in the preparation of the White Paper, Meaning and Perspectives in the Digital Humanities. The meeting was opened by Theo Mulder, KNAW Research Director who explained the background, and by José van Dijck, KNAW President, who set out the future plans. During the rest of the day, participants engaged in discussions on different themes, including governance and funding, the representation of uncertainty, data work, patterns and exceptions, and the relationship between digital humanities and social science. Plans continue to be developed by the universities and KNAW research institutes, so watch this space. For José van Dijck’s views of the event, see the February number of E-Data & Research.